Why Should I Use MyHub?

MyHub’s intranet solution provides businesses with a range of modules and tools via their own secure customizable intranet site.   

It’s simple to configure, easily managed, requires no IT experience and works on mobile devices, all for a low monthly subscription with no ongoing contact.  

Cloud-based And Mobile Optimized

Simple online registration, automated site build process, no need to download and manage software, accessed from any internet browser and via mobile devices.

A Wide Range Of Powerful Business Tools

Add powerful business tools or modules to your site to inform, communicate and collaborate.

Simple Site Management   

Add pages and modules using a simple drag and drop process.

Customize The Look And Feel Of Your Site

Create and display pages and content in a dynamic and engaging way.

Simple User Management

Simply add and manage users and user role groups.

Site And Data Security

Your entire site and data is secure through an SSL connection and backed-up daily.

Site And User Access Permissions

Set user permission rights to limit access to the site, pages, content and files.

Low Cost Fixed Subscription Fee

Simple to understand fixed monthly cost with no ongoing contract.

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