Embedding and Displaying an Outlook Calendar

Note: You must have an active Microsoft Office365 (O365) subscription.

This guide will provide an overview of how to embed an O365 Outlook Calendar into your site. Once the calendar has been embedded any changes made in the source calendar will automatically be updated on your MyHub site.

Whilst this guide will use the Text, Image and Video module any module that has the text editing tool can be used to display a calendar.  

Step 1. Login to your Outlook Calendar via Outlook Live or your OneDrive account

Step 2. Select the calendar you would like to embed and then on the settings cog and then Options

Step 3. Click on Calendar publishing and then copy the HTML text

Step 4. Return to the page on your MyHub site that you’d like to embed the calendar on. Ensure the Text, Image and Video module is in edit mode

Step 5. Select the iFrame option, paste the copied text, edit the settings and then click Save and Save again

Step 8. Close Edit Mode to view the calendar on the page

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