What are the best sizes for displaying images in the Text and Image Box Module?

There are no limits to the image size (width x height) you can display in a Text and Image Box however images could become distorted or not scaled correctly if the module has been applied to a smaller page pane i.e 25% page width and the image has not been resized to fit within the pane.

Below are a few guidelines for image sizes when using the Text and Image Box module: 

Page pane = 25% page width: 225 x 325 pixels (px) - this will almost fill the module

Page pane = 25% page width: 100 x 100 px - this will have the image centred with space around the image 

Page pane = 100% page width: 1,100 x 459 px - this will be full page width 

Tip:  To centre the image, highlight (right mouse click on) the image and then use the centre on page option, see below example: 

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