Intranet Design Service

By engaging with a MyHub intranet designer you’ll be assured to get a fully functioning intranet site that will meet your needs based on your real requirements. Our intranet designers will follow a well-defined engagement process that’s proven to deliver great sites within defined timelines and budgets.

The Engagement Process

Your MyHub intranet designer will lead the engagement process and ensure you’re updated on progress. The process is broken down into three key stages including:

1. Scope and Commercials

  • Gathering requirements
  • Defining launch objectives and timelines
  • Developing a site plan including key pages, modules and content
  • Agreeing to the scope of works, pricing and terms

2. Site Design

  • Adding a company logo and changing site color options
  • Designing and adding pages
  • Adding content to pages including images, news articles, text, video and forms
  • Adding folders and files to the Document Exchange
  • Adding users to the site, Role Groups and Roles

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