Hosting, Speed, Scalability & Redundancy

MyHub uses a number of Amazon Web Services (AWS) products to deliver a global best in class intranet service. Every MyHub intranet site is served up via custom-built high-availability architecture. This utilizes a number of specialized components to deliver each intranet page as quickly and as securely as possible. Due to economies of scale, MyHub customers benefit from many high-end features including:

Automatic Load Balancing: As each page request comes into the MyHub network, our systems perform a series of checks to identify which web server in our pool is the least utilized at any time. Based on this information, each page request is sent to the most appropriate server. This ensures that if a single server is at capacity it does not impact other users. 

Automatic Web Server Scaling: MyHub constantly monitors the capacity and availability on all of our web servers in real time. Using this information, there are a set of triggers in place that automatically creates new servers based on user demand, or remove ones that are no longer required. The benefit of this is even when there are large spikes in traffic, the service will remain seamless to customers. Also, the way that this has been set up allows MyHub to add new web servers to cope with planned business growth or demand with just a simple configuration change that takes seconds.

Cloud-based File Storage: Customer files are stored and delivered via one of AWS's best in class cloud-based file services. The service uses is a highly-scalable, reliable, and low-latency data storage infrastructure solution. This allows MyHub to pass on the benefits of massive scale with no up-front investment or performance compromises and is all delivered around a high-availability service level agreement with AWS. As the solution automatically scales, another benefit is that less maintenance time or outages are required. All files are automatically replicated across several regional locations within the US, therefore providing a fully resilient solution.

Edge Content Delivery Network: In conjunction with the cloud-based storage solution described above, MyHub has implemented a globally-distributed network of proxy servers operated by AWS to deliver intranet content and files as fast as possible. What this means is whenever a file is requested by a user within a specific geographic location it is cached by the closest proxy server. Subsequent requests won't need to travel back to the main US servers therefore vastly improving download speeds. The AWS distributed network has 166 points of presence in 65 cities across 29 countries.

Advanced In-Memory Caching: As MyHub users request intranet pages and functionality these are also cached at an application level using a synchronized caching solution. This component uses an in-memory data store and cache, this enables MyHub to provide the fasted possible application response times. Once users request MyHub to do something, all subsequent requests are then processed in sub-millisecond response times. The benefit of this is vastly improved page load times.

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