Editing the Page Footer

If you're looking for help on how to update the Need Help? email address in the footer please click here

Please note, the link text Intranet Software By MyHub can not be removed from your site. 

Every page on your MyHub site has a footer, you can change the color and add modules to the footer.

Changing the Color

Scroll to the Appearance option in the admin menu and click on Header & Footer Color.

Step 1 - Select the Footer option from the dropdown

Step 2 - Click on the color option

Step 3 - Select your desired color, you can also add a HEX or RGB code and adjust the opacity 

Note: If you're selecting a light color we recommend you select a darker text color to ensure the text is visible. Visit the Text Color area in the Appearance menu. 

Adding a Module

When you place the page into edit mode you'll notice a four-column layout in the footer, this is fixed and can't be changed. The row settings will not apply to the footer.

Consider using modules that allow you to add a small amount of text, links or buttons as they will keep the size of the footer to a minimum. We also recommend that you remove the module border and title to provide a clean look, you can also copy the module to every page and mirror the changes, you can find these options in the module settings (cog) area. 

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