Embedding a Twitter Feed

How to embed a timeline

Embedded timeline widgets give you the ability to embed a collection of Tweets (known as a  timeline) on your own website. There are five types of embedded timelines available, all of which look and feel like timelines on twitter.com:

  • Profile: Display public Tweets from any user on Twitter.
  • Likes: Show all Tweets a specific user has marked as likes.
  • List: Show Tweets from public Lists that you own and/or subscribe to. 
  • Collection: Show Tweets from a curated collection.
  • Moment: Show Tweets from a public moment.

Note: Embedded timelines will only show content from users that have public Tweets. Content from users with protected Tweets is not compatible with any Twitter embedded timeline widgets.

To add an embedded timeline to your website

  • Go to https://publish.twitter.com/.
  • Enter the URL of the timeline or Moment you’d like to embed.
  • Customize the design by specifying the height, theme (light or dark), and link color to match your website. 
  • Click the Copy Code button shown in the image below
  • Paste the copied code into the Source section of a Text, Images, Video module

Source: https://help.twitter.com/en/using-twitter/embed-twitter-feed

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