Changing The Font Size

You can change the font size in the following two areas: 

  1. The main navigation or pages, once changed, the settings will be applied to both the parent and child or sub-pages. For the best outcome we recommend that you try to stay within a font size range of 14 to 18, 14 is the default.  
  2. Module text, this is the text that appears within modules. There are some exceptions where this change will not automatically be applied:
    1. When the content has been copied and pasted from another source like a website, the font size could be fixed therefore you'll need to edit the font within the module to adjust the size.
    2. The following features or modules:
      1. Staff Directory
      2. Notifications
      3. Activity Wall
      4. User Profiles
      5. Document Exchange 
      6. Site Admin Tools
      7. Chat 

To adjust the font, click on Appearance > Fonts > select from the various dropdown options > Apply Font.

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