Site Security, Back Ups and Encryption

Security is a key feature of our solution. MyHub is hosted in the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS). A key benefit of this approach is that all MyHub customer content and files are automatically protected and backed up using the advanced security features provided by AWS. This secures the network, servers and databases. 

All files uploaded using the MyHub Files module functionality are stored in separate secure customer folders. A single parent level folder is associated securely with your MyHub instance at the application level in a secure network. 

Individual user permissions are set for each intranet instance ensuring that only users associated with your individual intranet can view or access your files. In addition to this, access is controlled by user access permissions set by your site administrator. This provides multiple levels of security ensuring that only your users have permission to see your files and content. 

Site administrators can enable Multi-Factor Authentication when using Microsoft 365 single-sign-on for an additional layer of security. 

All files and content held in your MyHub intranet are secure by default. Access to pages and files are protected at multiple levels. All connections to your intranet are encrypted with modern cryptography. Each page and file access is encrypted and authenticated using AES_128_GCM using DHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism. 

In line with data security best practices, all MyHub site data is encrypted while at rest. This ensures that only authorized individuals who have been permitted by site administrators have access to the data via your site.

Data and site backups: We take four backups a day, this data is stored for 6 days and co-located in the US and England.

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