Adding & Managing Users - Bulk Update Users

The following example shows you how to bulk assign user roles but this process can also be used to update many of the common user fields: 

  1. Go to Users > Add & Manage Users then click the Add & Manage Many Users buttons
  2. Click the Export Users button to export and download a CSV containing all of your users
  3. Open the CSV file in Excel or you can do this also in any basic text editor
  4. Edit the Roles column using the semi-colons between each role you would like to assign to each user e.g. Administrators; Registered Users; Subscribers (note no spaces)
  5. You can put "YES" or "NO" on the columns like "DisplayUserInDirectory"  / Notify / Show email.
  6. Save the CSV file
  7. Go back to MyHub and drag n drop or upload your saved CSV file
  8. Click the Add/Update Users button once you see the filename appear
  9. Wait a few minutes and all of the roles you've added within the CSV should then be assigned in bulk to your users

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