How to send out welcome emails

Overview: This guide will walk you through sending a welcome email link to all your users once they have been created, which is useful in the case that you would like to build your site first and then officially launch your site. The welcome email will include a unique link that will request that each user create a password and set up their profile (if applicable).

1. Go to Users Tab > Add & Manage Users
2. Click Add & Manage Many Users
3. Click Export Users, it will be saved as a .csv file
4. Open the .csv file in Excel and change the notify field to Yes for everyone you want to send a welcome email to and save your changes. Sometimes Excel will prompt you to change the file extension. Be sure not to change it, as you won't be able to upload the file.

5. Upload your saved .csv file and a welcome email will be sent to your users.

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