Dropbox Integration

You can embed Dropbox folder into any of your MyHub pages by following the steps below.

  • Log into Dropbox, find the folder you'd like to add to your MyHub site, and click Copy Link
  • Jump back to your MyHub site and add a text,image, and video module to the page you'd like to add the Dropbox folder to, or click the pencil icon above an existing text,image, and video module and click Edit Content. If you don't see the pencil icon above the module, you'll want to go into edit mode by clicking the pencil icon in the sidebar on the far left of your screen, then click Edit
  • In the text editor pop-up window, click the Insert Media Embed icon that looks like a play button.
  • In the next pop-up box, paste the copied link in the URL field shown below, then click Save, then Save again at the bottom.
  • You should now see the embedded dropbox folder, as seen below.

If you have additional questions on this, feel free to email us or book a support call.

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