Can I change the sending email address from

Note: Pricing for setting up a custom "From" email address has a one time fee of $29.95 USD. This will be invoiced separately to your MyHub subscription. Tip: If you purchase a custom domain, the setup fee includes a one-time setup of a custom "From" email address.

By default, all emails sent from your MyHub site will be sent from We used to be able to let users add their own email address, however, this is no longer possible as the email distribution providers like MailChimp and AWS now force us to validate the sender is authorized to send from that email address. This now involves a manual process of validation so we have a small one-off charge of $29.95 USD to set this up and change the sending email address.

If you would like to change the default "from" email address ( to one of your own choice, please request this via our support contact form. Once you let us know which email address you would like and confirm acceptance of the charge, we will send a verification email from Amazon Web Services. This step is required to confirm that your MyHub intranet site has the authority to send emails on behalf of your chosen email account. Once the verification has taken place, our support team will make the email change on your intranet.  

Please, note when we set this up it will only change the default from MyHub to a single email address of your choice for all outgoing emails.

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