Adding & Managing Users - Add Single User

By following the steps below, you can add a single user to your site, or change the password of an existing user. If you'd like to add more than one user to your site at a time, it might be easier to add them in bulk. Please check out our Adding & Managing Users - Bulk Update Users video for more information on adding users in bulk.

Adding A Single User

To add a single user to your site, head over to the Admin Sidebar, select Users, then Add & Manage Users.

On the next screen, select Add Single User.

In the pop-up box, fill out the required fields, including Email Address, and First and Last Name. Please consider the following notes before saving your changes:

  • If you'd like to send out an automated welcome email to the user, please leave the Notify box checked, as well as Random Password. This means that the user will set their own password once they've clicked the link in the automated welcome email.
  • Uncheck the Random Password box if you'd like to set your own password for this user using the Password and Confirm Password fields.

Changing An Existing User's Password

If you'd like to change the password for an existing user, head over to the Admin Sidebar, select Users, then Add & Manage Users.

On the next screen, click the pencil icon next to the user you'd like to manage.

In the pop-up box, click the Manage Password tab, then enter the password in the New Password and Confirm Password fields, then click Change Password.

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